Hope Kids

We are a HOPE organization. Our mission, our focus, and our programs are truly unique. We offer an ongoing program of highly-­anticipated events and activities open to all families who have a child with a life-­threatening medical condition.

We work to build a uniquely powerful, support community to encourage and support each other.

Everything we do is about hope. It is about surrounding these remarkable children and their families with the message that hope is a powerful medicine and that we will come alongside them to walk through this together. It is our heart. It is our message. It is our mission.


One of the most powerful aspects of our work is our HopeDay Program. Each month, we schedule a variety of sporting events, theater shows, concerts, museum visits or other types of fun activities for the whole family. We strive to keep kids focused on the future, looking forward to the next fun event around the corner, rather than dwelling on what they are dealing with in the present. All of our events are focused on the whole family to prevent siblings from being unintentionally overlooked, bring families together who understand their journey, and are offered at no cost to families.


Support, love, and encouragement are all necessary for families who have a child with cancer or some other life-­threatening medical condition. Our community of children and their families get to know each other, encourage, and support each other. We have children who are newly diagnosed, children who are in the midst of difficult treatment, and children who are healed and now healthy.

One of the most inspiring moments is when a child who has just been diagnosed with a particular condition meets a child who has been healed from that same condition. You can almost see their hope restored as they realize that this battle is one they can win.